15 October 2011

Finishing the Leafy Mosaic Table Top


wow, it looks so bright and lovely at night!
The grouting is done and now so am I.

02 October 2011

Leafy Mosaic table top, second stage

I used clear silicone to glue glass drops and ceramic pieces onto the glass centre. I will use black grout to fill the spaces in-between the glass drops.
I re-arranged the leaves. Tomorrow I can start glueing the pieces down. The edge tiles should be coming out the kiln now.
the black grout will change the effect a lot. be prepared for that.
A lantern hanging under the table, or a sunbeam will illuminate the centre of the table.
all ready to start sanding sharp edges and then sticking them down. This is the boring and slow part. I only manage small sections at a time. But doing things properly now saves a lot of hassle later.

Lots of work to do, and I am IMPatient, I dont want to wait any longer, I want to  finish this in time for the Leisure Isle crafts festival in 2 weeks time (I think)
Knysna Loerie Mosaic insert
the edge tiles are on, and the filling in begins.