28 June 2011

Fishy Mirror Mosaic Project

Annie and Frank from Germany saw my fishy mirror on the pottery house's website and asked me to make them a similiar one in a specific size for their holiday cottage in Sedgefield., South Africa.
Annie and Frank's Fishy Mirror
It took me about a week to make it, but that was only working on it a few hours a day,
First I had to nag and nag my husband to cut the board with his angle grinder.

Then, once that was achieved, I used a rasp to tidy the edges and then sanded them off a bit.
Painted the Bonding liquid onto the Nutec board
Glued the mirror on to the board
Played around with composition of fish and glass nuggets

I used scrap mirror pieces also 3mm thick, which is easy to cut using the glass mosaic cutters.
and arranged the broken mirror around the fish mosaic inserts and glass drops.
Used the ready mixed white adhesive from Tylon to glue it all down
Finally once all was dry, it was ready for grouting.

Once the grout had started setting, I wiped off the excess, making sure to fill  holes in the edges and smooth down any messy bits on the back edge of the mosaic. Here is the mirror, just after grouting. It still needs to be carefully cleaned, grouting touched up if necessary. Then the back of the board must be painted, and  it will be complete.
 Not too easy to photograph a mirror as it reflects the colours in the room and the shy photographer.