04 April 2012

Coffee table with purpose made handmade tiles and glass mosaic tiles

Step One- the galvanised metal base

Step 2: Cut the fibre cement board to size 

Step 3: Attach fibre cement to metal base using a pop rivet gun

Glass has been glued over cut outs in sides and top.
Then the handmade tiles were made especially.
This corner had to be re-done as the original got accidentally broken

Went to the Tile House to buy glass mosaics tiles on special-
R45 per sheet

Start arranging the glass tiles- play around with designs

I used clear silicone to attach the glass tiles to the glass sheet

Making progress, and thinking about grout colour

Drying. Tomorrow I will grout the table and add a photo of  the final result on this blog post


  1. ummm, this table was supposed to get a light under it. we tried using a really bright bulb earlier, and it looked horrible. All the imperfections of the cheap glass tiles became visible. So no light required. If I do this again I will use stained glass rather.

  2. also the silicone- it must spread out over entire back of piece, else you see the squished blob, and grout creeps in under the tile. Not a nice effect.


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