10 July 2012

A Good 'How to Mosaic' Book

Tracey Boomer and  Deborah Morbin visit the Knysna Pottery House quite often. They were inspired by some of my mosaic projects and they also bought some handmade tiles, for use in projects in their latest Craft book: Mosaics- Decorative Ideas. some of the tiles where used whole, others broken up.

Look- they even have my fishy mirror idea on the front cover! Inside the book, they show step by step instructions to recreate various projects, for those who need some help on what to mosaic, and how.

The book is on sale in most good  South African bookstores, as well as at the Knysna Pottery House (R150)

                                      The cover of the book shows my fishy mirror idea on bottom right corner

My piggy tiles used in this bread bin project. Lots and lots of other ideas .

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  1. Not sure if they use timber as a substrate in this book, just remember, I try and avoid timber surfaces at all times. Fibre cement board must cover any timber if you want the mosaic to last.


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