25 April 2015

Outdoor Garden Table


                                     with small leaf tile impressions and pink grout

galvanized and powder coated metal table frame by CX steel, with
9mm waterproofed fibre cement board and mosaic leaf tiles

small leaf tiles in varying sizes

grout a bit  too pink?

lighter pink grout


  1. Leslie left a new comment on this post "Outdoor Garden Table": but when i went to approve it- it had vanished. I had a copy. Leslie- you were right about my previous message above the comments- I was obviously feeling very fierce about being relentlessly spammed. I changed it to something a little less grumpy. Thank you for your comment.

    "I think your leaf tiles are interesting - I have recently taken up mosaic after retirement - working 37 yrs at a local High School Library. ..and have turned to the www world for ideas and inspiration. ..living in Africa must be an inspiration in itself....I am now too scared to compliment you after reading your above speel. ..so I will say good luck & best wishes from Australia."

  2. Wow. Lovely blog. Really looking beautiful.I love to decorate my home and recently did remodelling of my home and garden.So ordered glass tiles mosaics and natural stones from an online store as wholetiles which was suggested by my friend.My kitchen is now looking great.


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