31 December 2010

my new table top pieces

I am busy making a new table top. The metal base was handmade by Gee- using his bare hands and an angle grinder as he has very few tools. It is strong and well made. Then I had it galvanized, so it is all ready to go.
I am waiting for a few more circles and the frame or edge tiles. The table top is made from a 20mm thick piece of waterproofed fibre cement board, so it will withstand South African weather conditions. It has a wavy edge like a flower and will have glowing glass inserts here and there. I am also using a lovely blue colour which is not shown here as these on their own looked a bit dull I thought.

Here is a picture of the last table top I did. I really am sure my next one is going to be much much better- as it has taken more planning and more thought....The broken mosaic pieces were a little rough under the hand I thought, so I want the next one to feel smooth- with no sharp edges anywhere

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