01 January 2011

Starting A Mosaic Table top

Starting a Mosaic table top- things I will use: 

The base is made of galvanised hand made metal
The top is made of 20mm thick Fibre cement board, waterproofed/ painted underneath, and primed for tiles on top with keying agent or bonding liquid.
Before painting and priming I used a rasp to round off the edges and then sanded them, so that the edge tiles fitted better.
You can use a pencil to sketch outlines on to the table- the bonding liquid is clear and wont hide them.

Handmade ceramic edge tiles go on first
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  1. Hi... if I want to do a wooden table, what would you recommend sealing the top of the table with? Is bondcrete ok?

    thanks ☺

    1. what is bondcrete? I have no idea. I would never mosaic a wooden table, without applying a sheet of nutec / fibre cement board.to the surface. Glue and clamp overnight. I would not waste time with an intricate mosaic on a wooden surface. Wood expands and contracts according to temp changes and will shrug off anything applied to it.


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