05 January 2011

mosaic table- slow progress Stage Three

This third stage is taking forever. The drilling of the holes was messy and time consuming and I am not sure that the end result is worth all the effort. The glass discs were thinner than the ceramic pieces so had to install them carefully with extra silicone.

So at last the design is set, and it is just a matter of gluing the pieces down and filling in the backround with plain glazes in soft complementary colours. Hopefully the next posting will show the table just before grouting. It is taking especially long because each cut piece of tile has to have its edges ground down on a grinding stone.

There is a lot of dust and dirt on the table, so have to clean the surface with a brush first. I tried vacuuming the dust off but my vacuum cleaner sucked some of the pieces up and made funny noises, so I thought better just use the paintbrush...... My hands are aching a bit too, so giving them a rest. I discovered I could make my vacuum cleaner blow the dust off, which was better than sucking the dust up... A few smaller pieces went flying off.....

17: 01/2011 update: I have been very lazy and taking far too long to finish the table, but I made good progress today. I am almost finished glue-ing all the pieces down. I am planning the grouting already. I think dark grout will look great.  I will do the final post on this table project this week. Promise.


  1. stunning! how much will you be selling this for?

  2. it is so hard to put a price on something that took so long to make, starting with the handmade ceramic pieces, then the table, the base, and all the work. I would really prefer to keep it. It depends on the offers received and how desperate I am to make the sale. So around R9000 (USD1200) would be the least I sell it for, is how I am thinking, today.

  3. I think this sort of effort is always considered priceless as alike in any exhibition. If not then should be. I would like to get one if it's sold out within the price that you mentioned above.

  4. I sold all my leafy tables, but this one just sits sadly in the showroom day after day. I think it needs an owner badly- otherwise I will give it a burial at sea one day. The price for the tabletop on it's own without the base is R6000. Postage will be crazy expensive if going overseas to Australia. Thanks for interest.


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