10 September 2011

More mosaic seats

Here are a few more pictures of mosaic seats I am busy making.
Among all of these chairs, there are 4 that will belong to a set, with a matching table top.
The ceramic inserts (leaves, birds, flowers) and edge tiles are being fired and glazed in greens and complimentary hints of cream and amber etc and I am looking forward to getting started, and having a matching set! (instead of all the crazy colour combos I seem to do)

outdoor mosaic studio

starting a new seat
before grouting

"Jeremiah was a bullfrog..." Mosaic seat on a wrought iron chair.
part of a set of 4 chairs and table
organised chaos

I am also making a table top for the four greenish mosaic seats, so it will be a matching set. As the centre of the table has to be cut out for the glass section, I had a nice round board. I used some lime green fish and shell inserts- old stock, mirror pieces and deep red mosaic tiles made at Knysna Pottery House to make this mirror. Not everyone's 'cup of tea'. A visitor to the shop this morning said it was "gaudy". Oh well, I get tired of blues sometimes and enjoy a shocking colour combo occasionally..
Lime and deep orange fishy mosaic


  1. Are you sure he was not talking about Antoni Gaudi, the spanish catalan architect whith a unique organic style?
    I like the red.

  2. well that's a nice thought! Somehow I dont think that person had even heard of Gaudi though. Ignoramus!


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